Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Alba13 going deep with janet

Alba13 - Going deep with Janet - Jac0byteRebel & F1nux

So Janet likes the Scottish researchers! I mean Janet actually likes two Scottish researchers at any one time! Janet is very accommodating! I think we can all agree, Janet is interesting! Now get your minds out of the gutters. I mean Janet (Joint Academic Network) CSIRT Annual Security Conference on the 30th October in London, silly!

So myself and Gavin 'jac0byteRebel' Ewan are talking at Janet this year, and I must say I'm excited to be there. Some of the talks look very interesting to say the least, and as always it's a great pleasure to see Gavin speak. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the 'new kid on the block' Stephen Bonner speaking. I've heard that this kid will go far in the industry so I'm expecting great things from him. I just hope he copes with the pressure of public speaking; if he takes my advice he'll bring some chocolate to keep his blood sugar up!

That aside, I suppose I should talk about me, well not actually me, but my talk. So, long story short, I'm going to talk about why you should test IDS/IPS and what can happen if you don't! The talk is based on three fictional case studies that have all taken inspiration from real life events. I very much enjoy delivering this talk, as the delivery is a little different from how I normally do things. I hope that the Janet audience will enjoy it too.

(jac0byteRebel's (not to be confused with Jac0byterebel) bit)
My talk, contrary to popular belief, is not about going old school with bats and choppers. It is however a 're-imagining' of my first ever security conference talk, A Salesman's Guide to Social Engineering. In the reworked talk all of the psychology BS is stripped out and we are left with a simple narrative; What if one of our salesforce went rogue? How could a sales process be applied in a 'kill chain' type manner to pwn a company and walk away with trade secrets and other all the other juicy stuff. A word of warning: if you are easily offended or hold firmly onto the belief that social engineers are mind bending Jedi, then you might want to stay at home. To the rest of you, see you there.
(jac0byteRebel's bit ends)

Thanks Gavin for your input, you'll need to remind me to take the bat and chopper out of my bag! All joking aside, we're really looking forward to this. Detection, Social Engineering, PCI, Japanese Cherries, some dude called Robbie Walker, and the Bonner chocolate assault all make for a fine day with Janet in London.