Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Part Three - Linux Tag and Droidcon – Berlin

Bring forth the neckbeards and sandles! Well, maybe not the sandles! Actually very cool TBH with you, the Snowden privacy thing seems not to have poisoned our Linux brethren, well it has, but its not all about privacy. Some very cool talks, and some, well, err confusing and painful. For starters, slides, please think of your audience, we love you. Don't hurt us with slides and __VERY__ small terminal fonts. Come on peeps, you can do this, go to YouTube, you've worked so hard only to blind your audience with millions of bullet points, terminal screen shots and stuff that frankly makes no sense.

Still, in some cases I got to have a seat and update my twitter which let's be honest, is good.  All in all here's some notes, I actually found some KDE users. It had to be Berlin of course, but yeah, people still use it! I learned that OpenSUSE is actually still a thing, and I met all four users of it. Then I shocked the OwnCloud guy when I told him I used Arch in a work environment because it's more stable than Ubuntu. Amazon Linux has a goal of releasing security patches within 24 hours of disclosure, which I doubt is a service level agreement, but it is a real nice effort from them.  Also 4 hours from the HeartBleed disclosure to a patch being pushed out. Oh and again, can people stop using QR codes! I learned I am in no way suited for Android development. That some Android developers seem to think the internal network is safe and doesn't require security, even if it is bloody home automation. That Kinko could be a very good project for email security but my gut says wait and see. That patent trolls have struck again and have patented the term 'Crypto Stick©'.  Thank god they haven't patented a term I think about them that rhymes with it!

FX did a very interesting keynote, that I thoroughly enjoyed. If its been recorded, give it a watch.  Plus he throws some pain Cisco's way, which is always fun.

All in all a very enjoyable time.