Monday, 13 June 2016

Scottish Football Fans and LinkedIn(2012)

So Scotland is pretty used to not being represented at international football tournaments, so much so that the legend Paul Gascoigne once said, “What do you call a Scot at the World-Cup? Referee!”. It's harsh, incredibly harsh. Yet as a fan of the Scottish game, and no team I can really support in good faith during the Euro 2016 tournament, I’m left with some time on my hands.

So as some of you know, LinkedIn suffered a compromise back in 2012 and it was discovered later on that their password security was a little lacking. Namely they didn't salt their hashes.  I won't go on about this point as it would be akin to flogging a dead horse. However with a little bit of fu I was able to search the LinkedIn dump for particular hashes.

Now missing football, whilst everyone else is getting to play inspired me to look at how popular Scottish Football teams are as passwords within the LinkedIn dump. So I decided to produce a league table of SCOTTISH TEAMS ONLY!!! BECAUSE WE CAN EXCLUDE YOU GUYS TOO ;)

This isn't definitive and only a little fun, but here goes:

1) Rangers Fans – 5669 passwords
2) Celtic Fans – 4509 passwords
3) Hamilton Fans – 4042 passwords
4) Hearts Fans – 2544 passwords
5) Aberdeen Fans – 2008 passwords
6) Dundee Fans – 1226 passwords
7) Albion Fans – 1062 passwords
8) Morton Fans – 956 passwords
9) Montrose Fans – 709 passwords
10) Hibs Fans – 484 passwords
11) Livingston Fans – 418 passwords
12) Motherwell Fans – 188 passwords
13) Falkirk Fans – 184 passwords
14) Kilmarnock Fans – 99 passwords
15) St Mirren Fans – 95 passwords
16) Partick Thistle Fans – 84 passwords
17) Dunfermline Fans – 77 passwords
18) Arbroath Fans – 73 passwords
19) Dumbarton Fans – 67 passwords
20) Forfar Fans – 50 passwords
21) Dundee United Fans – 47 passwords
22) Brechin Fans – 46 passwords
23) Stranraer Fans – 36 passwords
24) Peterhead Fans – 31 passwords
25) Raith Rovers Fans – 29 passwords

Now, granted they be a few false-positives and I didn't have time to search for EVERY Scottish football team, and every permutation of their name. However whilst we can't fly the St. Andrews during the Euros I’d suggest this is a bloody good time for fellow Scottish football fans to go change their passwords.

finux Xx