Wednesday, 22 November 2017


So as some of you are aware, I have a real horrid relationship with Twitter in general. I’m venturing near my 10th year. Back in the day, Twitter was amazing to us security peeps. Was a place were I found friends, colleagues, and genuinely the awesome people you want to know. Nowadays it has that, but it’s buried under so much crap that passes itself of as security content. We have stopped trying to break out of the echo-chamber and actually became the echo-chamber.

What I bloody hate, is these never ending stupid lists of Top 10 infosec X you should follow. You shouldn’t follow anyone on Twitter because they’re some position at some brand. You should follow the people that brighten your day, are more than just fair weather-friends, and actually can engage on topics on merit not employer. So in that vain, this is a dual purposes post. Firstly InfoSec’s content creators, i’m looking at you, stop writing the same things all the time. It sucks, you have an imagination barrier try to climb over it for the love of Mother-Earth. Secondly, and by far the most important reason I wanted to take the time to point to 10 accounts that aren’t InfoSec Rock-stars but sure as hell should be! These people IMHO are the MVPs of our industry. So if you find yourself on this list, you’re finux tick verified and you make my twitter worth checking!

There is no order to list

All I can say here, is that Mikael is a wonderful human-being. His heart is as big as he is (I mean I actually physically have to lookup to him). He may not be a frequent tweeter, but he is an account you want to be part of. He loves CTFs too <3 Xx

You know, Hugo is an odd fish when it boils down to it. BUT the best type. He genuinely has a wonderful sense of humour and makes me laugh more times than not. This year I got to hang out in Stockholm with him, and i’ll tell you no lies, I was very grateful for the experience. Also his Sec-T talk kicked ass, you should defo watch it. He’s basically Superman but with chocolate…..

You know when you meet someone born a little after their time, this is March. What an awesome person, I’m always happy to see him at conference and his talks are truly fascinating. IMHO he never really gets the recognition he deserves for his mainframe hacking. He has the right level of grumpiness when it comes to the circle-jerk we know as the security industry. I appreciate him and glad he plays a part in security.

My love for Boris can’t be measured in words, so I won’t attempt. He’s my Eddie the Yeti (much love to Eddie). My t-shirt draw is full of his work, and most of you will also have art that he has made for conference you wear too. Added that he is one of the nicest, warmest, and friendliest people you’ll meet this shouldn’t be a tough choice to follow.

People like Cooper make me want to keep on engaging in the community, his continual selflessness and dedication to helping conferences get their talks recorded and available is second to none (well, basically IronGeek without all the controversy). He also happens to be yet again a wonderful human-being and I’m honoured I get to call him a friend. If you love seeing conferences but can’t travel to them then this is the account you want to follow. He truly is one of my MVPs.

What a person, just the right levels of humour, trolling, shit-posting, and consciousness. We’ve hung out at GrrCON many times (I sucked this year at spending time with him and I am sorry for that). I’d take 1 Oscaron over 100 Blue Ticked infosec bods any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jack Sparrow started a carer in InfoSec? Wonder no more!!!! Disclaimer, Mike is a good friend of mine and I have much love for him. He is incredibly undervalued in this industry, and it is a damning indictment of us not him. Very few ‘bosses’ in this industry have the ethical and moral compass of Mike, so if you’re not following him, you’re the idiot.

This choice wasn’t even a choice. We meet at HamburgSides, and again in London a few months later. So refreshing to meet someone so motivated and excited to be doing hacking. It’s contagious, and i’m always happy to read and see what she’s up to. Also, kicked ass in her talk too, check it out!!!!

Tony, Tony, Tony! What a guy. We kinda connected over DC4420 (London Defcon chapter). When I grow up I think I might actually want to be Tony :D He is an active member of the community, by deeds and actions not by words!!! I mean others talk, Tony does. He should be an example to most of us. Also, a friendly southerner (Britain) GTFO!!!!

If I had half the strength of Pixie I’d be twice as strong as I am now. Some people in life are just born awesome, and this is one of those times. Always has time to speak and smile and listen when I see her, I'm very thankful I get to call her my friend. You may too find yourself as grateful as me one day, if you’re lucky.

If you didn’t find yourself on this list, I’m sorry. Wasn’t a dig, and it wasn’t because I didn’t respect/love/care for you. I feel for you honestly, I’m never on these lists either ;)

BTW if you enjoyed this post, why don’t you take two minutes today to reach out to an old contact you haven’t heard from in ages and say Hi. You could be someone’s good moment of the day.

Love finux.